Monday, October 25, 2010

Surat cinta di alam komputer

Dear fiancé 2.0 operating system,

We have been cooperating for quite sometime now and i am satisfied with your performance.
I do not wish to upgrade you into Husband 1.0, the least version i would accept is at least Husband 9.9.
But in order to get that version, i know i have to prepare Loveablewife 10.0.
Its still in Research and Development Lab. Very soon to be installed.

In our future marriage pc, i hope there won't be any unwanted virus such as Jealousy, Anger, Suspicion and Distrust virus.
They are very dangerous that might eat up the system in the long term.
The only virus I would allow to wander around is the Happy Virus.

Soon, we also need to deal with Microsoft Cleaning and Cooking too.
And later, we might got an additional present from the Creator; The Microsoft Kids.
They are genuine and priceless.
Please help me out since it's quite heavy and I might not be able to carry them alone.

My dear fiancé 2.0,

Since I am 1.0 version, I am lacking in many ways.
I need to be upgraded from time to time to enhance my capability.
As a later version, please guide me using Islamic Practice operating system thatincludes Prayer 5.0, Fasting 3.0, True Muslim 9.0 and Al-Jannah 7.0.
I believe that our marriage pc will be harmonized by running with this important operating system everyday.

Currently, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Communication 3.3 software, Laughter 5.6, Happiness 7.2 and Understanding 8.9. They really help to run the pc smoothly. I wish to upgrade these software later on.

My dear fiancé 2.0,

In future, whenever u felt that your performance level is decreasing or if you feel bored working with me, please type command iloveu and the pop-up screen willshow you how hard it was for us to built the system and made you appreciate it.

psiloveu :- Please do not install neither the Secondwife 2.0 nor the Girlfriend 1.2.3 software if you do not wish the pc to crash ;p


Fiancé 1.0

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